Carbide rotary file in daily life what are the wide use?


2023-01-12 09:22

Tungsten is an irreplaceable basic material and strategic resource in our national economy and modern national defense. Tungsten carbide rotary file, with high hardness and excellent wear resistance, is used to manufacture a variety of cutting tools, tools, drilling tools and wear-resistant parts, widely used in military, aerospace, mechanical processing, metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction and other industries, known as the "teeth of industry". So in daily life, what are the wide uses of carbide rotary file? Gaobeidian City Hang City machinery factory to answer your questions.

Use 1. Hard alloy rotary file can be used to finish various metal mold cavities, such as shoe mold and so on.

Use two, hard alloy rotary file can be used for all kinds of metal and non-metal engraving, engraving of craft gifts.

Use three, hard alloy rotary file can be used to clean casting, forging, welding parts of the flying edge, burr, weld, widely used in machine casting factory, shipyard, automobile factory, etc.

Use four, hard alloy rotary file can be used for all kinds of mechanical parts chamfering and grooving processing, cleaning pipes, finishing the surface of the inner hole of mechanical parts, such as machinery, repair shop, etc.

Use five, hard alloy rotary file can be used for polishing impeller runner parts, such as: automobile engine factory.

That's "What are the broad uses of the carbide rotary file?" The answer, I hope to help you! Gaobeidian City Hangcheng Machinery factory "to revitalize the national industry as its own duty, to science and technology first" as the business philosophy, in the face of such a fierce market today, the pursuit is the reputation first, quality, customer first policy, for the majority of consumers to provide more carbide rotary file, rotary file products, hand in hand to create a better tomorrow!

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